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Cylinder Vases

Cylinder Vases

PriceFrom C$2.00
Excluding Sales Tax

These cylinder vases have a plethera of uses. From linning the aisle to your proposal to linning your wedding ceremony aisle, these vases will do the trick. We have a variety of sizes from approximately 6.5 inches to 12 inches in height They are commonly used with floating candles, pillar candles or our flameles battery operated candles. Make the best use of these candles by also using them as centerpieces in groups of three or spread out as a runner down your table with one of our garlands. 

Vases will cost you $5 for a set of three and an extra $5 to add our flameless candles. If you are choosing to use these with pillar candles then please place a cm of water in the base to make it easier for you to remove the wax. Floating candles are commonly used as an easy clean up solution and fun fact, tealight candles float. 

These vases are $2 if you would like to rent them individually. 

  • Booking Process

    1. Add item to your booking request (your cart)

    2. Check out which will have your invoice sent to Better Together Rentals

    3. Expect an email with a updated invoice based on availability 

    4. When this is confirmed, we will arrange a rental lease agreement to be signed to book your order

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