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At Better Together Rentals we strive to provide you with the rentals you need and flexible service. During the summer months for last minute rentals we book on a date priority basis. Our turn around time for replies is up to 7 days during these periods. Our primary contact is email. As we approach your booking date we offer texting communication if needed to ensure the details surrounding pick up are ironed out. if a phone call us best, we offer phone appointments by request. Please fill out the form below with relevant information to your inquiry and we look forward to chatting. 

Please read the HOW IT WORKS section before contacting us and prepare a list of the items you are interested in and the date you need them for.


This is our equipment lease agreement which will apply to all rentals. Upon receiving your message through the contact us section we will email this form to you updated to reflect what you wish to order. 


607 Mount Anne Dr. Waterloo

Thanks for submitting!

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