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Staff at Better Together Event and Wedding Rentals


I started Better Together Rentals in 2020 while completing my professional degree in Midwifery. This business grew from a desire to help make weddings and events possible throughout Covid-19. As a now registered midwife, I enjoy helping others through all walks of life. I am able to be present during some of the happiest times of people's lives, weddings and parenthood.

Staff at Better Together Rentals


I have helped build Better Together Rentals from its conception also while completing my schooling in Biology and Laboratory Sciences. I am a friendly face that many people interact with during their pick-up and drop-off times. In addition to working with Better Together Rentals, I am also a healthcare worker at Grand River Hospital.

KW Photographer for Weddings and Events


Dani is our partnered photographer. She is an up and coming photographer with a skill for catching special moments and personal skills like no other. Dani is the bubbliest person you will meet, helping anyone to feel comfortable. She has experience in wedding photography, engagement shoots, sports photography and editing. You may also meet Dani as she helps with our set-up team. Reach out to her below.

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