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Arch Mirror - Welcome Sign or Seating Chart

Arch Mirror - Welcome Sign or Seating Chart

PriceFrom C$75.00
Excluding Sales Tax

Our black metal framed free-standing mirror can be rented as a stand alone welcome sign, seating chart or photo op.


For $75 it comes with a label of "We are so glad you are here" at the top 

For $100 it can include your names at the bottom

Add flowers for $15

Add wax seals for a seating chart for $10

If you would like add-ons like cylinder vases and flameless candles, or more florals, then please include this in the notes. 

  • Booking Process

    1. Add item to your booking request (your cart)

    2. Check out which will have your invoice sent to Better Together Rentals

    3. Expect an email with a updated invoice based on availability 

    4. When this is confirmed, we will arrange a rental lease agreement to be signed to book your order

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