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10x20 Tent

10x20 Tent

PriceFrom C$120.00
Excluding Sales Tax

Our 10x20 foot tents are made from heavy duty steel. It is weather resistant and easy to put up. It can be rented all year long. It comes in a rolling bag that can fit in most cars with the back seats down.

It has the option of coming with no walls, 3 solid sides, or fully enclosed. Windowed walls are also an option. They are easy to attach with velcro and straps.


Choose to include add ons in the notes like string lights, garlands, fabric for posts and draping, curtain lights. 


Solid walls are waterproof and white. Window walls have plastic windows that are still waterproof. All fully enclosed tents will be provided with 2 door walls. This means that a fully enclosed window tent set-up will have two walls that are solid with doors in them. 

Two tents can be combined with waterproof connectors to prevent rain from gathering. We will provide package pricing for multiple tent and large rentals with Better Together Rentals if available. 


Back 20ft Side = Side A 

10ft Sides = Side B and C

20ft Front = Side D

  • Booking Process

    1. Add item to your booking request (your cart)

    2. Check out which will have your invoice sent to Better Together Rentals

    3. Expect an email with a updated invoice based on availability 

    4. When this is confirmed, we will arrange a rental lease agreement to be signed to book your order

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