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Pink and White Floral Wall

Pink and White Floral Wall

PriceFrom C$150.00
Excluding Sales Tax

Elevate your event decor with this 8ft by 8ft Backdrop Floral Wall, complete with a sleek pipe and drape stand for easy setup and transport. This versatile backdrop seamlessly integrates with your choice of curtains, neon signs, or lights, offering endless customization possibilities.

Designed for convenience, it fits into any vehicle with seats down. The sturdy stand supports not only the floral wall but also lets you hang curtains or neon signs effortlessly. Opt for curtains in front of or alongside the floral wall for a personalized touch.

Enhance the ambiance further with a $50 neon sign or two curtain panels for $30. Looking for more customization? Add notes at checkout, and we'll make it happen. Durable, stylish, and extendable up to 50ft with additional curtains, our Floral Wall ensures a captivating backdrop for your memorable moments. Transform your event effortlessly with this stunning centerpiece.

  • Booking Process

    1. Add item to your booking request (your cart)

    2. Check out which will have your invoice sent to Better Together Rentals

    3. Expect an email with a updated invoice based on availability 

    4. When this is confirmed, we will arrange a rental lease agreement to be signed to book your order

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